RunAway Stranger

Dream Ended at 9:00am Monday 21st July 2014

I was at my sister’s flat; my whole family (cousins included) were there too. I think we were all staying there, though her flat is tiny and in reality none of us would really stay over – especially not all at once. Now I should mention that having a large group of people around me, makes me feel socially anxious and its times like that where I need to escape, even in my dreams. So in my dreams, frantic for escape, I grabbed my bag and ran out the door before anyone could take notice. I didn’t have to run far, just up to the top flat and sit there in the darkness of night whilst passersby gave me odd stares. I recall being quite frightened but not as frightened as going back as I could now here my family going crazy in attempts to find me, I knew I’d be in trouble if I went back now. So I sat there, alone, in the dark. People continued to pass me by until they came…

There were two strangers; both boys; about my age, one was blonde, I remember him because he was the one that approached me in the dream. He came up to me friendly, making idle conversation, asking me why I was alone and if I was okay. We spoke for a bit before he asked me if I wanted to play volley ball with him and his friends in the local school. I nodded because it was better than being found here.

Don’t ask me why there was a school open at such a time. Dreams don’t make sense. But I’ll tell you something, that volley ball game was hell’a fun! It was in this large court in the school, we met a female friend of his and when I first played, I was awful. I got better at the end and we were having so much fun, we were in stitches of laughter… then I heard my mother’s voice, she was informing the people there that I had gone missing and was sobbing. Strangely enough… I felt really apathetic about the whole situation. I bit my tongue and told my new friends I had to leave. They decided they’d leave with me too, so we snuck out.

Everyone went home, all except blondy. He walked with me for a while inquiring about how I’d get home and why I was so desperate to leave so quickly, so I told him that I ran away and he didn’t say anything at first. I felt ashamed to be honest, like he was judging me. Then suddenly, he asked why I ran away, I ended up confessing everything about my past. Even the gory details. We were holding hands by the end of it… I remember thinking about how my hands must’ve felt like to him in the dream.

And somehow he ended up dropping me home through the back door (because flats have backs doors apparently? Dream logic!) He left before, almost leaning in on me, almost grazing his lips on mine. Then killing me by settling for a simple goodbye. God. That was painful. I woke up when a family member walked in just after he had left.



Now I know what you’re thinking – no I’m not planning to run away, and quite frankly, talking to strangers is probably the most terrifying thing to do when you’re alone and it’s bloody 12am! I’d do neither of those things especially not follow some boy to a place I’ve never been myself: volley ball or not; my age or not! I love my family and I know I’m very blessed! I don’t really think this dream meant anything, it was just really early and I had one too many chocolate bars the night before.

Though… I admit, I do wish I had someone to talk to, someone to escape with, only temporarily though. Yet this dream, despite the fact that I was in a bad place at the beginning, was a dream I didn’t want to wake up from. I wanted to wake up in that dream to a new day and find him, and play another sport with blondy and his friend! But instead I woke up to reality, which isn’t that bad, but isn’t as good as him though.

Sometimes, I prefer nightmares, because when you wake up from them, you feel relived. Whereas with dreams you wake up with the desire to go back to place you can’t….


I hope this stranger exist somewhere. I hope he’ll find me like he did in my dreams.


His Speech & My Kiss

I have really strange dreams quite often. I usually write them out in my dream journal but as someone who has palmerhyperhydrosis (real illness right there ladies and gentlemen – no joke) I struggle to grip a pen and write them, so I thought why not record and share them on here?


Dream Ended at 7:00am Monday 16th June 2014

I was on a school trip and we were riding around London on the buses, going across bridges and so on. We were on the train as a class and we were getting off the train in a line for some reason. I was the last person in the line but as I was getting off the train the doors closed and I was separated from the rest of my class. I remember contemplating what to do: “Should I get off and go back to them on the opposite train or should I wait for them to come to me?”. In the end I got off the next stop and ended up finding a teacher there.

Then after that, I somehow found myself in some sort of place where young people (my age) were delivering speeches to some really important people (PMs and so on) and their futures depended on these speeches. It looked like an open theater and they gave their speech on the balcony to the audience seated below. There was this boy there who I spent my time with although I don’t know how I knew him. He was introverted, intelligent and kind of a pessimist; which is so not my type of guy.

Anyhow, he had to give his speech in a few moments and he seemed pretty nervous; (well somewhere between nervous and annoyed – I couldn’t really tell,) and I wanted to help him. He went up the ladder to the balcony bit, so I went after him to wish him luck. However… I slipped on the ladder and only managed to grab the ledge! I was hanging, my grip slowly loosening, in the dream I was terrified! I kept holding on and crying out for help but I didn’t know where he was and his speech needed to start.

I should mention that I’m kind of  a lucid dreamer and at this point I knew I had to help myself.

So I changed my dream so that I never fell. Instead I sat behind the curtain to the balcony and watched him pace around nervously, then he turned to me and told me he couldn’t do it.

Now I really must inform you at this point that… I have a mild case of hetrophobia. I can’t be around the male species without getting all flustered or awkward! After a traumatic incident involving men and boys (that I prefer to not discuss) I’ve just grown fearful of them. Yet in my dreams I never really have a problem with boys hitting on me within my dreams. Though I’m never so bold to do so myself… Until now…

I looked him in the eyes told him he’s amazing and could do anything, pulled him by the collar and kissed him.

Let me just process this for a second please…



Okay I’m done. Go on…

He was so taken aback by the kiss yet he seemed so happy! He went off to do his speech and he made a very moving speech, he came back to me; took my hand, smiled,… and asked me out….

The dream ended there…


Nooooo! Why end there!? Just when things were starting to sweeten up! Sigh~ I’ve never done something like that. I’ve always been saved, never been the savior! But god, how good it felt to both help someone and overcome my phobia. I’ve never helped a boy in my dreams, it’s always been the boy helping me. Like in my virtual zombie game dream… that boy came and asked to protect me – but that’s another story dream for another day!

Maybe this dream was the key to overcoming my fear?

Maybe… I’m not the one who should be a frightened  damsel in distress… Maybe because he’s the one that needs me to save him?