Dear Stalkers,

2015 is already here!? I know, I know, I’m late!

I found myself reading plenty of blogs on the night 31st of December, all talking about the new year to come; reminiscing the year that had just passed. And me? I sat there thinking I should be writing something about 2014 too….hahahaha. nope. 

Yeaaahh…I couldn’t hold the thought! Maybe because I put the ‘pro’ in procrastinating… or maybe because  2014 was for the most part, one of the worst years I have experienced so I couldn’t help but thinking 2015 would only be the same. My damned pessimistic personality was probably wining the war that was taking place in my head that night. But here I am, feeling somewhat more optimistic again, trying to find a more positive outlook.

I won’t even try to deceive myself into believing that 2014 did have good moments that could push out the bad. 2014 was undoubtedly a crap year for me, however 2015 doesn’t have to be the same.

2015 could be the year of solution, the year of ‘New equilibrium’. The year of dealing with my problems and finding peace – if only for a limited amount of time. Last year, I kept going through a cycle of disequilibrium and recognition yet very little was done to repair the disruption! This year, I will find a solution to my problems! And more than that, I will try to find my confidence! I know that life will constantly throw obstacles at me, but unlike last year, I won’t be sobbing on the floor shoving pizza and ice cream down my throat every time things get difficult. Instead this year I’ll face these obstacles head on and find a solution!…. and then shove pizza and ice cream down my throat – you’know, as a reward!


So this year my resolution is:

To deal with my problems as best possible!
And here’s to the new year; may 2015 be the year of New equilibrium for us all!

(P.S what’s your new years resolution?)

– Love Aery


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