Tragic Romance?

Dear Stalkers,

You may hate me for what I’m about to say but…

I hate romance…

Or do I?

Girls at school are constantly reading romance and watching rom-coms; so naturally they get offended when they ask ‘why’ and I answer with: “It’s not very realistic, I mean… it’s just setting you up for false hope and disappointment,”

Alright, alright, I know, I sound like some cynical pessimistic demon that loves to sit in my blazing throne and prod couples with my spear of hate. But I’m not, I promise. (Mostly. Just kidding… partially.)

I mean, let’s step back and think about it; take the world’s best romance stories and films: Romeo & Juliet, infatuated with each other and then dead; The Titanic, I won’t let go… but you did! And you let the love of your life drown? And lastly The Fault in Our Stars, ‘okay’ didn’t last forever did it? I know this may be sad… but have you noticed that all these memorable and successful romantic stories end in a tragedy. Not only does that bother me, but… everything in between seems so farfetched. I was actually really interested in The Fault In Our Stars, until I head the dialogue that was used in it: “My thoughts are stars that I cannot fathom into constellations,” I understand it sounds amazingly philosophical but I have never in my life heard anyone speak like this, not even in general. It just makes it feel so fake for me.

So why do people love tragic romance of all romance!? Is death now romantic?

Well, after asking my around I have come to the conclusion… that my friends are useless at answering such questions (- no offense guys)! I however came to the conclusion myself that it was because death is the end for us all; sad as that may seem it is the reality. Thus, perhaps having a tragic ending to a romantic film not only makes people feel emotional-attached and empathetic for the characters but maybe brings a better sense of reality to the story than a fake ‘happy ever after’ would have.

However, I’m no expert so of course my thoughts are … well just that. Thoughts. Therefore I know  it’s time to whip out the good ol’books! Now for this, we’re going to need our good and wise philosopher friend: Aristotle

So I found this video by one of my most favourite channels (and charities) – The School Of Life (I highly recommend that you check them out!)

Any-who they made a short video about Aristotle, part of this video explains why he believed people needed art. The art during the time was rather gory and tragic and thus Aristotle explains why he believes people enjoyed and needed these tragedies.

The answer? – Catharsis.


noun: catharsis; plural noun: catharses
  1. 1.
    the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.
    “music is a means of catharsis for them”

In summary Aristotle’s theory is that people watch tragedies in order to remind them that

Terrible things can befall decent people – including ourselves… so we need to have more compassion and pity for those whose actions go disastrously wrong…

and to make profound truths about life stick in our minds…


So I was completely wrong about tragic-romances it seems. The tragic romance stories are there to actually bring you to the sad truths about reality and inflict pity and sympathy into your stone-cold hearts! Never the less, I still feel the same general romance; but perhaps it’s time I at least gave them a chance, after all… I’ve probably been sitting on this blazing throne with my cold heart for too long… 😉

Happy Loving Stalkers



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