Dear 16 year old me…

Dear younger Aery,
The new school year is beginning and  school is also coming to an end too, and as it does you’re becoming 16.
It’s time you grew up, don’t you think?
There’s a few things you need to consider, a few things that need to change, a few things you have to believe in and a few things you know you can do.

This is your last year. All your exams are this year. Make it count. Study. Study. Study. And enjoy school damn it! No more complaining, I know you get stressed but understand that you are smart, talented and: You Can Handle It!

Mum’s getting old, tired and weak, we all know it. It’d be nice if she could take a break once in a while. Yes. You tidy the house often, but you could do more. You’ve always wanted to cook right? Well, what better time to start than now! It’ll give mum and dad a chance to rest and stop stressing about you, Naj and Al never eating.

Also… maybe it’d be good if you did things with them. Go out with your parents, do some gardening with dad, heck, maybe even teach them English! You don’t know long they’re going to be around, so love them, hug them and tell them how much you appreciate and love them. (Don’t cry, don’t cry.)

Take care of yourself. If you need to go to the doctors or dentist or see a counsellor, organize it! You can’t always wait for someone to do it for you, you can talk, and you have a mouth, use it!

Save up. I know you don’t get pocket-money, but save up everything you can. I mean it! No more unnecessary spending! Seriously, you need to save up for emergencies and also, show Mum & Dad you can handle yourself!

Get a job or do a course. It’ll help you grow up a bit and will be good start for forging the future.

Procrastination is a no. no. No! Been there, done that… one too many times. Don’t let it become a part of your personality! If you have something to do, get the hell on with it!

Think before you act and always tell people how you feel. You have this habit of always keeping things in and never expressing your feelings, then you get upset and don’t know what to do with yourself. It’s okay to tell people how you feel but be mature about it!

And lastly, take a chance. Let yourself bloom. I know; you’re shy, timid and scared. But you’ve got to go out and reach for the sun if you want to grow up to be a beautiful, independent and talented woman. You are amazing, there’s no shame in saying that, so have the confidence, smile and go for it!


I know it may seem like a lot to take on, but remember:

You’re in control, this is your life; You Can Handle it.

Good Luck!

Love Aery


3 thoughts on “Dear 16 year old me…

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate the fact that you love my post!
      And yes, I suppose I do have a plan; let’s hope I can see through 🙂

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