The Tate Modern

Hey Stalkers,

Ever heard of the Tate Modern? Probably not if you’re not British; it’s one of the most popular art gallery in the heart of central London. I’ve never been to an art gallery ever! But as a child of curiosity who always seems to find herself lost in wonderment at the smallest of things, I’ve always dreamed of going to an art gallery. Despite that though, I’d never thought I’d ever actually get the opportunity to go. Yet there I was… standing in front of the Tate Modern with my art class.

The perks of being an art student, hey?

Before I get down to the canvases though, I must allow you to appreciate the art of the city first! There’s this huge Cathedral not far from the Tate and it was absolutely beautiful! We also crossed this bridge – which was far too thin and far too long for comfort – it went across the river Thames and the view was just amazing, the shard, the city, the sky; everything looked so unreal and stunning! It was really something to take in; I’ve never noticed how gorgeous London could be before.


I stood there terrified out of my wits whilst taking this picture


Once we were at the Tate I didn’t know what to expect. However we were privileged enough to view the very rare and very special Henry Matisse: ‘Paper Cut Outs’ gallery, I learned a lot about him and I found his work quite inspiring. What I found most intriguing though, was the fact that when he realised he was too sick to go outdoors he created his own garden indoors using his cut outs and pasted them on to his wall. I think that’s just such a fascinating idea. That you through art you can recreate experiences and places so you can relive them, and also that art is something that is limitless. You can be young, old or even and elephant and still create something beautiful. That, was really inspiring!

*Unfortunately photography was prohibited so all I can offer is Google images!

The Parakeet & the Mermaid

The Parakeet & the Mermaid

We also visited several other galleries and took one too many pictures, but here are my favourite works of art!



This is the painting that changed everything for me. It was created by Lee Ufan; he took brush and pulled it across the canvas until it ran out of paint, though it may look simple the concept of it was what intrigued me most. Beside the painting there was a small passage which quoted Lee in saying:

‘Load the brush and draw a line. At the beginning it will appear dark and thick, then it will get gradually thinner and finally disappear … A line must have a beginning and an end. Space appears within the passage of time, and when the process of creating space comes to an end, time also vanishes’.

I thought that it was amazing how such simplicity could contain such a profound message. That art didn’t have to be direct, that it was, in fact, like English and was just an artist’s way of telling a story and purporting their thoughts. I then began seeing each painting differently, keeping an open mind as to what was hidden behind their art work.


Louise Bourgeois THE STRETCH

One of the last works I saw was this piece by Louise Bourgeois. There are moments when you see a work of art and are immediately attached to it; this was one of those moments. As soon as my eyes had landed on this piece, I was just drawn towards it. Like a moth to a flame. I don’t exactly know why I adore this so much but I infatuated by it, it spoke to me. Moved me.

To me it looks like heart, being pulled in every direction by several needles, yet despite being pulled apart by them, the needles also support the hearts structure. A paradoxical conflict of the heart. That’s my interpretation anyway.

That’s the beauty of art though, it can mean something different for each individual. So in between the whining and complaining and ignorance of my peers who just scoffed at most of the pieces of art and failed to appreciate it, I came to this conclusions:

Art goes beyond what’s just on the canvas, it’s about what each brush stroke represents to its creator and what it says to you….

This trip has really had broadened my horizons and my perspective on art. And I think with that, this trip is concluded a successful one…

– Love Aery


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