Let the Summer Commence!

It’s Here.

It’s finally. Here!



My dear stalkers,

As you are now aware, the much blissful summer is upon us, it is only a mere short six weeks. But six weeks I will seize with both my hands, no less.


Okay enough of that role-play. Seriously though, the summer is upon us! (How many times have I said that already?) You can probably tell that I’m struggling to contain both my excitement and relief! School has been pretty cruel this year, and I have to say; I’m glad it’s temporary over! Sure, I know, I’m not going anywhere exciting abroad or anything, and –yes, I have no particularly exciting plans, but I do have some plans.

Like for example:

  • I’m going to read myself sick, as many books as I can over the next few weeks!
  • Watch all the movies I’ve never had time to watch
  • Catch up on my much loved manga – Kagerou Days & Watashi ni xx Shinasai
  • Go Rounders club (Or what Americans call “baseball”)
  • Go Barbican with my friends (it’s super cool, search it up!)
  • Get my DSLR (At long last!)
  • Laze around my house


I’m aware these things aren’t particularly thrilling but for they’re something to look forward to and to spend my summer doing. And of course I’ll have the pleasure of sharing every experience with you stalkers too! 😉

But first… I must complete all my homework. Yeah, I know, only our demonic school would assign homework over the summer. English. Maths. Art. Personal-Social-Health-Religious Studies. It’s not even a small sheet; it’s like a whole pack of endless worksheets!

Though nothing this summer will bring me down. Not even homework!


So while I attempt to annihilate my homework this week, I hope the rest of you are enjoying the hot weather and making the most of the sun!

Take care Stalkers





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