The Return & The Change

Hey, Hello, Ni Hao, Bonjour, Konnichiwa;

and so forth.

I have returned, after how long? – Well that’s irrelevant anyway, the point is: I’m back! Hopefully to stay, and actually fulfill what all my blogs were meant to be; A place for me to just express myself through pictures and texts and articles and stories and poems and just everything! I’ve created so many blogs trying so many things, only to return to back to start. But let’s not be so negative, let’s just say that rather than ending up at the start, I’ve actually gone forward and exceeded onto the next lap. However on this lap, I need to change my tactics or risk falling behind. This blog was created by a Dreamer. I can’t say I’m much of a dreamer anymore, at least not to the extent that I was before. Hence I will be changing things up around here a bit more, to better suit the present me and perhaps my future self too?… Though they say college is when you really find yourself and I’ll be enrolling in two years – so who knows!?

So the plan is that this may be the first and possibly last blog…. you’ll see for the next couple of weeks.(I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have alarmed you like that! I’d never bring your hopes up only to disappoint you by ending this all before it even started!) Within the space between now and the next time I will create a post, I will be doing many things. One of them is changing this blog up, the design maybe, the domain and even my username. Secondly, I will be contemplating about what direction I want this blog to go towards; I know I’ve tried so many things but I’m still not sure! On other blogs I’ve tried an advice blog, a artistic blog, a tumblr blog. Nothing really worked out for me. Although deep down I know what I really want is simply a blog that I can document my life and my hobbies.

One thing is for sure though: I want to show the world both the highs and the lows. Much too often especially on social media such as instragram and Facebook people document their lives through photos, statuses and such; have you ever noticed that their lives looks so perfect? Well, that’s because people only display their good, never really the bad. I don’t want to be like that, I want to share both the good and bad. If anything, I hope people can relate and it helps them cope with their lows and appreciate their highs even more.

What’s more, I’m going to get a DSLR for my 16th since I’ve been so passionate about photography and my small phone camera just isn’t doing it for me (although I have been uploading my photography on Instagram anyway). This is great because now with a decent camera I can actually upload and document my life – unlike before where I didn’t have a camera to express myself through visuals when I wasn’t in the mood for typing/writing. I think it’s a great opportunity to get some feedback and support to help me peruse my career as a wedding photographer and start developing my small business partnership with my sister.

Not only that, but since WordPress has had such a huge upgrade since the last time I ventured onto this website, I need some time to familarise myself with the new layout and features. One thing I have noticed already though is that you can put passwords on private post – I like this very, very much! I feel like now I may be able to open this blog up to the public without having to worry about my privacy and personal information, because I can just make private the post I want to share with my friends only.


So anyway this is what will be happening and I sure am both excited and anxious. More excited over anxious though. I hope you who is reading this is feeling the same way and I hope you stick around to see it all.

But for now, this is a temporary good bye,

See you soon – I know I will!



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