A Magical Melody…

I open my eyes, I’m surrounded by clouds and can’t see much but… there’s a soft harmony playing in the distant. It sounds so serene and amazing. My heart beat seem to be synchronised with the melody. I turn to look at you, I can see that you can hear it too because your smile is almost as wide as mine!  Your hand makes it way into mine and with one touch my body become all warm. The clouds hover around as though it’s hiding something from us. You have your gaze fixed forward, your eyes sparkling like diamonds and your light brown hair is ruffled by the wind; you suddenly catch me giggling at your cute expression and wink at me while blushing.

We both stare forward as though we can see behind the thick clouds, you squeeze my hand; telling me that something wonderful is about to be discovered. We both count to three in whispers “one…two…three!” As soon as three is said we both run forward; eyes closed. I can feel the clouds vanish as we sweep past them and wind swishing through our hair. I open my eyes again, and gasp. We’re surrounded by a dream-like place. Green grass; ripe fruits, huge tree’s and the sky… I stopped to stare at the captivating sky. It seem as though someone had captured the essence and the grace of both the sunrise and sunset and painted it onto the sky.

I felt a tug at my sleeve. I looked at you and you beckoned me with you eyes to continue on to see what other wonders await us. I pulled your cheek and ran ahead laugh; when I looked back you were rubbing your cheek and ran after me. We both laughed loudly as we ran fields upon fields as though nothing in the world could stop this excitement and joy.

The melody seemed to play louder and louder as our sheiks of laughter got louder, and I found myself lost in it. And had no choice but to hum to it as I walked slowly allowing myself to regain my breath. I kept walking until I saw something that had me so very intrigued. A door… in a tree. Isn’t that something you’d see in a fairytale? I walk up to it when out of the blue you come hugging me from behind! And we both take a tumble to the ground! Rolling on the floor we both begin to laugh again. I put an end to my laughing to see your face gleaming at mine, our meet and flowers twist them selves and tie our hands together.The melody now so loud we can see musical notes floating around us.

We lay there, for a second or two when we both look up at the sky and point to the usual shaped clouds. I find myself telling you about the way the clouds remind me of candy floss and you wrap your arms around my waist and whisper “I love you!” I turn my head to look at your and your lips lock on to mine for a second or two I felt as though I were on top the world. I smile. You pluck a flower from beside you and place it in my hair. And we sit up… giggling and then I open my mouth and sing to the harmony “la, la, la, la, la,” You laugh and join in and bubbles suddenly appear floating upon the wind. I pop them with my finger  as you pop one in your moth and cringe at the liquid taste in your mouth. You stand up and say “Let’s go home now,” I sit there completely ignoring you. I am suddenly being carried like a princess. We both laugh for the last time and walk through the door…

I open my eyes… I stare at my ceiling I turn and see you doing the same. We’re both lying on the floor…smiling….



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