Waiting In The Rain

I love the rain. It makes the world seem so dull. And that sensational feeling of hundred of little raindrops splashing on to you; not to mention sounds that the rain creates- ‘Oh’, that amazing sound, like harmony to my ear.  What’s more, that thought… the thought of millions and millions of rain drops landing on the floor in unison. That thought is what keeps me so intrigued. So patient. So full of hope.

I’ll find myself shivering cold in the rain, wondering…wondering why I’m forcing myself to endure the piercing wind? I stand there, waiting. For what though? The answers to these questions must wait as I stare mesmerizingly at sky when suddenly my heart throbs; my stomach tightens; I cannot help but frown. The droplets of rain glide down my cheek…Are they the tears, which always refuse to come out? My hair makes my head feel slightly heavy as my fringe dangles in front of my eye.

I somehow manage to pull my feet out of the puddle and tread forth, deeper into the lonely and quiet street. I suddenly feel empty inside, walking along the pavement. I realise that in movies, the rain is where two friends meet, or even two lovers meet. In this part of the movie, they usually make a vow, confession or have a very special moment. I wonder what it’s like; having someone you can depend on, or talk to when you’re in great sorrow. I get laughed at lot; people often give me weird looks… they find me strange for liking or not knowing certain things.  This is because my family restricted me from lots of things others my age do. Hence why I had to find my own things to like, own way of playing, own way of seeing things…through innocent eyes I suppose. Even to this very moment, I still see the world in a naive and innocent way sometimes. Therefore no one understands me. But if I could meet someone, like they do in movies… the circumstances wouldn’t be the same.
So I continue walking, my hands shaking; my body shivering; drenched. Till I reach a bridge. I stand there and peer down at the rest of the world. And I notice, notice how hundreds and hundreds of droplets fall at the same time. No droplet is left out. I like that. I stand on the bridge; I close my eyes and I can already hear the footsteps of a friend, walking up to me. His/her body hugs mine tightly, filling me with warmth as he/she laughs. Both our hands clutch the umbrella, as we slowly dream of our time together…

I open my eyes to an empty world once again.  The strong gust of wind blows as my hair is swept off my shoulder; my tears camouflage in with the rain. I wait silently for the sound of footsteps; I wait silently for my dream to turn into reality; I wait silently, admiring my ‘temporary’ friend. The Rain.


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