…A Story Of Feather-Like-Tears…

I open my eyes… to endless fields of long blades of grass as far as my eye can see. The white, shining moon hung against the black starry sky; the air was filled with the scent of sweet lavender. Amongst all the green stood a large and amazing oak tree; it stood tall and mighty. Such a place… such a place that one can only dream of. Yet, I, myself was standing amongst all this, mesmerised by the landscape and the silence. The grass swayed with the wind and tickled the skin on my legs and breeze blew my blackish-brown hair; it all felt as though I was in a silk like world. Somehow, when I looked down at myself, I found a pretty, short black, shoulder less dress on my body. It was pleated and decorated with small complicated designs. I began examining it when out of the blue a huge wind came sweeping, both my hair and dress backwards! I looked up and closed my eyes and stretch my arms out on either side, allowing myself to enjoy the wind. My heart was telling to smile and laugh but mind said otherwise. I agreed with my heart as dreams like this don’t happened often! I slowly started to spin and dance with the comfort of the green grass beneath my feet. It seemed like, all I’ve ever wanted was right here, wherever ‘here’ is?

When suddenly I caught a glimpse of a shadow from behind me! I realised that I wasn’t alone. I stopped dead in my tracks. As something continued lurking behind the tree. I squinted… trying to make out the figure standing beside the tree. I could tell it was watching me, carefully, like as if I were its prey. I wasn’t quite frightened, nor was I quite okay with the fact that something was stalking me. However I knew I could not just stand here and do nothing. So I did what the crazy people do. I approached it. I was cautious with every step I took closer to it, and step by step. The figure became clearer to me. It was a boy. His eyes, hidden behind his long thick brown hair, his smile?-there was no smile, he was motion less.

He stood there in his white shirt and waist coat under the shade of the tree. We both stood there for several seconds… When, without any warning, something rapidly brushed against my back and pulled me into his arms. Pure white, soft, gentle wings wrapped us together. His warm body heat slowly transferred into me. I wanted to pull away, I did. But I could not resist! His heart beat could be heard, like as if it was plugged into a speaker. His heart beat was slow and calm, unlike mine, which was racing. The hairs on my neck were standing up; I didn’t understand what was happening. I closed my eyes, and counted my breaths as I embraced the warm feeling that was taking over my body. Suddenly, I felt something wet and ice cold drip on to my cheek, and again, and again. I slowly lifted my head from the comfort of his shoulder and realised that… he was crying? Tears rolled down his cheek. He was in pain, yet he was persistent not to let out a single sob…

“wha….what’s wrong?” I finally managed to spit out. He was silent still. I wondered why I was asking, asking this stranger if whom I’ve never met nor seen. The white feathered wings around us, tightened, making my head fall under his chin, into his chest. Our bodies were tightly packed together; his soft shirt felt smooth against my skin. And his chin on my head felt somewhat comforting. “Drip, drip” The tears kept coming. Despite the fact that I didn’t know him, I wanted him to stop crying. It was as if I could feel his misery and pain! My body started burning, I felt helpless.

“Don’t cry, please, I want to help you! What’s wrong?” My voice echoed. And he refused to reply or even move. My hands made its way into his, and grasped on to them. He squeezed them… My heart skipped a beat suddenly. And the tears stopped.

The wings released both of us, and immediately he stepped back. I looked up to see a smile on his face. I felt light and fluffy inside for some reason. Another harsh wind blew as he lifted his wings up and prepared to leave. Without thinking twice, I grabbed his hand. “Don’t go!” I said in a mere whisper. His hair swayed in front of his unseen eyes and he lean forward, towards me with his glowing wings behind him. And a gentle and sweet kiss was place upon my lips. As he once again stepped away, I could help but gasp for air. It was like when our lips met, that time had stopped,and I had tasted my whole life in a spilt second. Slowly, his feet grew further and further away from the floor, white feathers fluttered around both of us and his hand slowly slipped out of mine…


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