In our hands (A Poem)

Tears are falling from every boy and girl,                

so much hate and war in this awful world,

blood shed, guns, shooting and violence,

will this world be relived of pain in silence,

shouting, yelling and horrid screaming,

for hope and peace people are dreaming,

throughout the world children are dying,

and covered in blood bodies are lying,

children are suffering in so much pain,

yet we are the ones who seem to complain,

we have all the gadgets, we have all the games,

yet we are the ones that don’t act so sane,

we waste food without much thinking,

when dirty water is what poor people are drinking,

swear words and more from our mouth, it leaks,

and yet over there they have not even been taught to speak,

With their empty tummies they sit and pray,

and all we do is nothing all day,

are we mad are we crazy,

why is this world so pathetic and lazy,

why can’t we open our eyes,

for in our hands the future lies,

and this is what worries me most,

all people do is brag and boast,

and if this world is in our little hand,

there won’t be a world on which people can stand,

by Musoka…..


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