A letter from my first beloved teddy

There was once a teddy that decided it wanted to go away on a new adventure because it decided life must move on and that one could never stop in one place otherwise time would leave it behind. as everyone knows,  things must change for there to be progress and teddy wanted to progress in life. However, this was scary for teddy. Teddy was terrified. It just didn’t know what the future would have in store for it. This was a gigantic step to take, and teddy only had small legs and feet. It might fall through the gaps!! Yet teddy was determined that it should go ahead. It wanted to make its creator happy by becoming a better teddy. The bestest teddy that it could be. Teddy wanted to find someone special to go on this journey with. Someone to help it grow and improve. One day teddy thought it had found that special someone and was happy to start the new  adventure because it’d waited a very long time for it. Yet there was fear and aching  in teddy’s heart. There was a special someones that teddy already had in its life. And  a very extra special someone…

Teddy was very attached to this special someone. They shared what you may call a very special bond indeed. It loved this someone very much and  it was painful for teddy to leave this someone behind. But what could it do? Teddy knew that it’d be okay because this special someone was strong and knew right and wrong. It knew this someone would be good while it was gone. Also teddy knew that they would see this special someone again… And again..and again… So teddy went on the journey with the other special someone whom it also loved. But the  new journey was hard and difficult. Teddy would get sad and miss the special someones it  had left behind and missed deeply sleeping next to the extra special someone. Things changed  for teddy. Things were no longer the same.

When teddy returned home oneday to the special ones, it realized that everything was different.  Home was no longer home. A painful stinging overcame Teddies heart. It had no home now.  Teddy felt like s stranger and a guest. The special ones were still special but because  Teddy was no longer there it missed out on everything. Teddy felt sad and tired all the time. It felt weak mentally and physically. Teddy was alone some nights with no one by its side. And the darkness surrounded teddy alone in the bed, the emptiness taunting it. And teddy cried itself to sleep a lot.  And teddy cried whenever it was by itself, because it missed the voices of the special ones,  and it missed their company. And it missed the hugs from the extra special one. As days went by,  teddy began to feel the walls closing in on it. It felt suffocated and claustrophobic. It felt like it had lost everything. Teddy was lonely. No one to understand teddy. Teddy was craving to feel loved and appreciated.

But it knew that would come soon from its creator when He saw how it had endured so much sorrow and pain patiently. Teddy knew that this trial was the way to make it a better teddy, a stronger one. Teddy knew life was going to be hard and teddy knew the tears and pain would never stop … Except that is, when the One and Only Creator calls it back. But Teddy had to work hard to make sure that the Creator was happy with it. So Teddy continued his journey knowing that the specials ones will always be special. And it was content that the extra special one would be strong and would start its own journey of progress towards making the Creator happy. Teddy understood that this pain and loneliness was only for a short time. And really and truly it knew that no one was really alone because it they knew which way to look then they would find the Creator with them at all times. And it hoped beyond hope that it would be forever with the special ones in eternal bliss when the Creator called them all back to Himself. ….InshaAllah…

The words of which my teddy always speaks always seem to touch the very bottom of my heart and pull out every bit of pain and fill it with love!!! That is only something that my teddy could mange…and she always does!


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