A Lost Teddy

As a child, I’ve always had to sleep with my sisters in a huge bed and in a way, it was comforting sleeping by a what seemed like a giant teddy bear. But nothing last forever, the giant teddy bear never stops growing, and day by day its beauty grows and before you know its married and shipped off to its husbands house where she can cook, clean and be loved.

And on the night that she leaves you. You sleep in a bed which you realise is much too big for you, you feel the cold air sneak in through the gaps of which you are unable to fill and make your bed cold and unwelcoming. You soon realise that you really “don’t know what you got till its gone!”

And each day she is gone for you begin to find more and more things that you miss. Her soft and sweet voice, her nagging voice telling you to tidy up, her soft hands suddenly….SLAPPING YOU on the head and then how the both of you would start wrestling and laughing and just her presence. You know you have just given away one of life’s  treasures.

Life goes on, and you get used to being away from that sister, you learn that the best way to thank her is to keep her in mind and try your best to follow in her foot steps! But one thing you know you cannot get the hack of is sleeping with out her. You miss her sleeping besides you, you miss that annoying grinding sound she’d make with her teeth unintentionally. But one day your other sister decides she wants the responsibility of being your giant teddy bear….and as it goes “all is restored!”

Months later, your new teddy sits you down and tells you bad news…she’s moving away for a new job! Your not that bothered about it at first however  on the last few weeks your feelings tell you other wise. She is hardly ever home even though she is moving away and your bed becomes empty once again. And one day, the day she comes home and lies beside you… and you ask her for one favour “for the last week… before you go that is….please stay at home and spend time with us…” she simply smiles and nods!

So as that week comes closer. Your old teddy bear comes and visits and spends time with you (You never hated her for going but you can’t say that didn’t miss her.)  So the last week comes even closer and on Sunday night…you put your sisters pillow beside you awaiting her arrival that she promised and eventually fall asleep….

late at night you wake up….you find you’re in your bed alone, you rub your eyes as you wonder into your sister’s room to see if she is sleeping in her own bed…you open the door to her room to find it empty…she isn’t home….your feel your stomach ache in dispear….she broke her promise

The next day (monday) you think about things “maybe she didn’t come home because Monday is the begging of the week…right?” so you decide to forgive her after all you did not specify what day was the beginning of the week. At dinner time you sit in her room waiting for her. And every time the door bell rings you jump up egarly…but it is never her at the door and as it gets later and later you soon give up hope and realise she isnt coming.

And as you lay in bed, you feel deceived, why hasn’t she come home yet? Has she forgotten or is it she does not care?….you feel wet tears run down your cheek and its soon raining on your pillow. You hate her. You asked for one little favour and she could not fulfill it she hadn’t even text or emailed you to let you know…. you wished you hadn’t given her the responsibility of being your teddy and whats more….your sleeping alone in a lifeless room…

without the warmth of a loving sister.


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